Prison Ministry Letters: July-2005

Our chaplain had slowly been slipping away and got tough on what he called "unnecessary, potentially dangerous and misleading materials," Chick Publications. Now he has gotten excited again... and has started some new projects for men who have learning disabilities and others who are strongly involved in false teaching that he once tried to ignore! Glory to God! Praise Jesus!
Anonymous, USA

I wasn't prepared for all that (Chick Publications) comic book stuff you zapped me with, but I read them in spite of my thoughts and threats. I saw how miserable I was and how misguided I had been (former Muslim). My roommate read them and turned his life over to the Mighty God and then he turned on me and I got converted! Did you hear me? I've been converted to the Real God (Not Allah). The way I feel now I may break out of here and get my friends. ha! Get them converted!
W.A.A., New Orleans, LA

The Bible and your literature has helped me minister to killers, child molesters, rapists, drug dealers and others. I will be released soon and will need a lot of comics and tracts because I am going back into this prison and others to preach the Gospel!
J.B., TX

Thanks for the advice and the stuff (literature). This place was getting ready to rock and roll... There was definitely going to be a fight. Send us more stuff and we'll fight less!
Juvenile Justice Treatment Center, KY

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