Prison Ministry Letters

I am currently at the INS detention center. There are a hundred of us awaiting deportation hearings. Some have been here for years, which is extremely depressing. I have seen several become Christians here when all we had was two Chick tracts that someone sent in the mail. Just two little tracts! Makes me wonder what would happen if we had two hundred!
B.K., Salisbury, MD

We were painting faces of children and sharing the gospel. One child gave a Chick tract to his grandmother to read while we finished our painting. We found her husband was in prison. Our Church had sent 1000 tracts to the prison and the lady's husband found one, read it and got saved. Praise the Lord!
G.R., North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago one of the young guards at the Juvenile Detention Center said, "My coming to detention has changed my life." I asked him how and he pulled a Chick tract, The Word Became Flesh, out of his pocket and said, "I have changed since I started to read these little booklets." Also, he said, "A friend of mine who used to be a guard here 3 years ago, no longer goes to the Catholic church." I've been sharing my tracts with him and we read them together. I asked him where he was getting the tracts and he said, "From the inmates, they were sharing them. They have a whole bunch of them." I marvel at the power of the Holy Ghost and the name of Jesus and the amazing way in which our Lord Jesus works to manifest himself.
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