Prison Ministry Letters: July-2001

I had your tract Last Rites in a drawer at work and one of the CO's found it and read it. He told me that he was a Catholic and had gotten out of the church because they worshiped Mary more than Jesus. Well, the CO is now a brother in Christ.
K.F., Arizona

Through the grace of God and using your wonderful tracts, we led over 300 souls to Jesus last year in a nearby prison. Last month we and 15 others took a missionary trip to Mexico for ten days. We handed out almost 350 tracts in English and Spanish and saw many souls saved.
B.B., Alabama

I got heavily involved in the hardest type of rock and roll and rap music and in Satan worship. I moved in with a boy my age and we blasted the neighborhood with this devil music over the radio and then began to draw other teens into our movement. If they did not join in with us we would beat them up.

One day a preacher down the end of our street came to see us and preached us a big sermon and gave us two small Bibles. We threw the Bibles away and accused him of some real terrible things. We got dressed in costumes, painted our faces and tried to burn his house down. The fire kept going out and the same Bibles kept showing back up. It blew our minds!

We really went wild and beat some kids nearly to death with baseball bats. We were arrested and convicted and put in jail. The bold preacher came to see us, brought some Chick tracts and we were both really born-again and have been attending chapel services.
A.W., Florida

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