Prison Ministry Letters: March-2005

I am an inmate at an assisted living facility. I am a partial C6 quadriplegic and there are 120 others here with similar problems. These people are a hardened group of agnostics. They are going to go from a hospital ward to a burning hell unless they can read Chick tracts. We all know what God can do with those things. Send me the best and I'll do the rest.
T., Yakima, WA

Your tracts that you left here are doing a mighty work through the Spirit. These days it might not be best to have the name Mohamad, but we have one who got saved a year and a half ago. He witnesses daily and keeps peace in his unit. He was a fighter pilot for the Iranian Air Force and has also flown for the U.S. Air Force. The younger inmates listen to him when he witnesses and read the Chick tracts he passes out.
M.B., Terrell, TX

I am a forty year old prisoner and have been here for twenty years. I was a dirty rotten man until Jesus changed me. We are about fifteen prisoners and two wardens serving the Lord Jesus Christ. We use a variety of Chick tracts in this fertile prison soil because they make a difference.
A.A., Worchester, South Africa

We have a large number of Muslims and Catholics here. When we receive Chick tracts, you can count on them being read over and over! We estimate that a Chick tract is read until it is completely worn out while others are thrown away.
Pekin, IL

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