Prison Letters March/April 2010

A friend of mine who is in prison in Florida read the book One Thing You Can`t Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill. He was so excited. He told me that he gives a tract to one guy and tells him, "Hey do me a favor, when you`re done, give the tract to another guy and tell that guy to come see me," and they do! They love those tracts.
C.J., FL

If you could send me some of the magazines you have I would really appreciate it. A homie that I was locked up with had a few of them. I began reading them and could not put them down. I have read King of Kings, Scarface and The Broken Cross but would like to read all of them
A.M., CA

I love the cartoons. Could you please send me the Holy Joe tracts instead of the This Was Your Life tract when you send the Catalog. I`m the only Christian on my block and the other inmates make fun of me and sometimes put me down for what I believe in. (Jesus Christ as my Savior). I remember the Holy Joe tract, where he went through the same thing I am going through, when he was in the Army. I could use me a lift me up by reading Holy Joe again.
M.D., MA

If you wish to provide Chick tracts to help prisoners find Christ, send your donation to: Chick Tracts For Prisoners, Mission Possible, P. O. Box 1184, Inverness, FL. 34451-0836. You will get a tax deductible receipt and a newsletter detailing the progress of their ministry.

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