Philippine Prisons Open to Chick Tracts

Philippine Prisons Open to Chick Tracts

The accompanying photos are from the Philippines where Pastor Mallari has spent 25 years establishing a diverse ministry of literature, gospel recordings, radio, and street preaching. His most recent expansion is into local prisons where 38,000 inmates are held. He translated the tract, The Bull, and is using it in the local prisons. With your help, the Chick Missions Fund was able to supply 10,000 copies of this tract for Mallari`s prison ministry. He reports that the tract has been a success among the prisioners and prison guards!

Mallari is just one of many missionaries that the Missions Fund has helped to multiply their outreach in other countries. Here is a list of some recent projects that you've helped supply with free tracts:

... 20,000 Swahili tracts for missionaries in Kenya
... 30,000 tracts for China and Hong Kong
... 20,000 tracts for the Philippines
... 95,000 Spanish tracts for ministries in Mexico
... 50,000 tracts for two outreaches in India
... 10,000 Japanese tracts for ministries in Japan
... 10,000 Italian tracts for Rome, Italy.
... 30,000 tracts for Taiwan and Southeast Asia (multiple languages)
... Portuguese, Dutch and Italian tracts for big Euro Evangelism project

Will you help?

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries.

Although we are not legally structured as a non-profit, and therefore cannot give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries` hands. They often write to us asking if anyone can help them get Chick tracts.

"I wanted to write & thank you for the tracts that you sent us through the Chick [Mission Fund]. We will put them to good use here in St. Vincent! The people are now coming to me, stopping me on the road for, as they call them the 'Little Books'. We just gave out a thousand! This new order will hold us for awhile. Again, Thank you for your kindness towards us!

God bless and again Thank You! Thank You!

100% of the funds you send to the Chick Mission Fund are used to ship literature to missionaries. We receive requests all the time from missionaries who need help. If you have questions you can call us at (909) 987-0771 or email us at

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