Is 'Solidarity' the Same as Witnessing?

By Gina Wilson

Amidst the growing number of Muslims in the United States, should we stand in solidarity with their faith? Or show them that we believe in something entirely different?

I have seen a number of stories in the news where a Christian woman wears a hijab (the Islamic women's head covering) to stand in "solidarity" with Muslims. One woman wore the hijab to show, in her words, that we all "worship the same God." Another woman did so in order to show that she loves Muslims and refugees. While I appreciate the "love and care" sentiment as much as the next person, there are some glaring reasons why this act of solidarity is not helpful in reaching Muslims for Christ.

The hijab is extremely representative of Islam. Before donning it, one must thoroughly examine everything this "solidarity" represents. Failing to do so will only display our own ignorance of the issue, as opposed to being a well thought-out and meaningful action which might help Muslims living near us realize we truly do love them.

The hijab is more than a head covering. In Islam, wearing the head covering is a symbol of submission to Allah. More than a symbol of subservience to one's husband (for in many cases it is not), the hijab broadcasts to the entire watching world that you, whoever you may be, are submitting to ALLAH!

For soul winners, a statement of "solidarity" with your Muslim neighbors and friends simply confuses the issue. What is helpful is developing solid friendships with them and having discussions about Jesus. When they understand that we believe Jesus is God Almighty it becomes clear to your Muslim friends that Allah and God are nowhere near the same, nor would you ever wish to submit to Allah. It helps them understand what you believe and, ultimately, will show them that you love them enough to make sure they know the truth and the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In my book, When the Mosque Comes to Town, I devote two chapters on how to share Jesus with your Muslim friends. These chapters will help you understand how to effectively witness and share who Jesus is, starting with the Old Testament prophecies and working your way through New Testament fulfillment. Muslims often question whether Jesus can really be God and few Christians succeed in effectively showing them why He, indeed, is. This is possibly one of the most crucial questions that you need to have an answer for when witnessing to Muslims.

Of course, to confidently present the biblical truth about Jesus, it is necessary to convince them of the reliability of the Bible. They will likely have been told that the Bible has many changes and is corrupt. Though they do not know where the changes have occurred or how it became "corrupted," this is a commonly held belief.

The simple and confident answer to this, however, is to tell them that you have the preserved Bible, the KJV, which is completely without error and can be traced all the way back to the earliest manuscripts we know of, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. When Muslims come to realize that God has, indeed, preserved His words, confidence in the Bible is restored and they are far more apt to listen to what you have to say.

I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of When the Mosque Comes to Town and learn how to share and defend your faith today! Chick Publications also has several other books on Islam and tracts designed specifically to help you witness to Muslims.