Chick Mail Bag Nov-2000

I was cold, lonely and rebellious...
I was a private in the U.S. Army pulling guard duty on the border of the DMZ in South Korea. I was cold, lonely and rebellious. My partner was a Born Again Christian who promised that he would not talk this "Jesus stuff" to me while we patrolled the area, but he lied. To make a long story short, the Spirit of God broke me right where I stood and gave me a new road to travel on. I was soon given a few Chick tracts and my faith and understanding of the Gospel went sky high! I received the calling to go into the ministry in 1986. Again, bless you for your work and know that it has helped me come from behind a bush in Korea to a pulpit in Germany.
M.F.Apo, AE

Her priest told her to stay away...
Shortly after we opened our bookstore, we were introduced to a fellow that exposed us to your material. God had lead me into the area of apologetics but never into the Catholic Church, or at least until then. As I began to research the material and confirm for myself, we began to put your material in our store. We had nuns and priests come in and scream at the top of their lungs, causing a disturbance. But that did not stop us. We even had a lady come in and take the tract Are Roman Catholics Christian and take it to her priest. The priest told her to stay away from us and that we were cults. She began to look at the scriptures that you had in the tract and realized that the tract was telling the truth. She gave her life to the Lord and came back and told us the story.
C.N., Fresno, CA

When I was 19 in 1976, I read This Was Your Life, Holy Joe, and Somebody Loves Me. My mom planted your tracts for me to read and it lead me to get saved at a high school youth group.
L. C., Salida, CO

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