800 Tracts Gone in 20 Minutes

Every day, thousands of Chick tracts go out to every corner of the world. As the pictures show, from bunkers in Afghanistan to the barrios of New York, the tracts are reaching the hearts of the lost.

Missionary Ken Bowie reports from the North Coast of Peru that, in the last three years, Chick tracts have been instrumental in the establishment of several dozen new churches.

In Mexico, Missionary Noel Edwards invites teams from the U.S. churches that support him to come on short-term mission trips. He asks them to being Chick Tracts with them.

One lady reported how excited her team was to bring 800 tracts with them. They were dismayed when they were all gone in 20 minutes. She told Edwards that they were going to bring 10,000 with them next year. He replied, "That's great! They should last a couple of hours."

In the Marshall Islands, Missionary Chris Settle blanketed one whole island with a tract packet for each home. The packet contained two tracts with clear presentations of the gospel and three that warned against deception by the cults. "The Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses were clearly exposed in two of those tracts," says Settle. "Many who were perplexed by the heretical teachings and strange traditions of the cults have been reported as earnestly reading these tracts."

Here we see the two main functions of tracts: to present the gospel and inoculate people against false teachings. Although it is very difficult to convert someone out of one of these cults, it is much easier to prevent them from making more converts by exposing their unbiblical doctrines.

If your church has missionaries or servicemen in foreign lands, Chick Publications probably has tracts suitable to expand their spreading of the gospel. They all appreciate letters and packages from home. Chick Publications can drop ship tracts almost anywhere in the world. Just give us the address with your order and we will be glad to ship tracts directly to them.

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