10 Million Souls on Our Doorstep; Do We Care?

Many churches, particularly in the southern part of the United States, have long had a burden for the ready-made mission field that comes across our southern border. But now the flood is almost overwhelming in that area and the entire country has been opened to that soulwinning opportunity.

Just in the last four years an estimated 9.6 million people have streamed across our southern border illegally. They are diverse both in religion and in language. Those from Latin America speak mostly Spanish and generally have a Roman Catholic background.

But we are also seeing individuals from China, India, and the Muslim countries as well as Haiti and Africa. Researchers tell us that the word has gone out around the globe that America’s back door is wide open and they come with visions of opportunities for a better life.

Some come with honest intent to work and become productive citizens. Unfortunately, others come with intent to get that better life through crime. There have been claims that some countries are emptying their jails and dumping them on the path to our southern border.

Cities across the country are beginning to feel the strain on their welfare systems. Many compassionate Christians have stepped up to provide basic necessities for those that have come into their area.

But the needs of this 10 million people are highly complex. Many have spiritual worldviews that will work against them and those who are trying to help. Some have been abused by their religions and do not trust spiritual leaders.

Missionaries in the foreign fields have discovered that reaching multitudes in complex societies with the gospel can be daunting. But several generations of believers have discovered that printed literature is a powerful tool. Used properly it can be very effective in sorting out those who are approachable with the gospel message.

Gospel tracts are also highly versatile in speaking to the diverse spiritual needs —and in the person’s native tongue. Over the years the missionaries have helped us develop an inventory of tracts in over 140 languages. In addition, they come in categories specifically related to Islam, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, and other “isms.”

All of the major languages are covered and many lesser-known languages from Africa and other countries.

God has also blessed Chick Publications with high-speed, high-volume printing equipment capable of producing millions of tracts a month. In these quantities the costs can be driven down so that a 24-page booklet is very near the price of leaflet tracts in smaller quantities.

Some churches are already acting on the vision to reach this river of humanity with the gospel. They are taking advantage of the volume-pricing that Chick Publications can offer and recruiting teams to go into the shelters to reach these millions of precious people.

Over the years many people have written to Chick Publications that they received a gospel tract and disregarded its message at the time. But they chose not to throw it away. Years later they rediscovered it and were ready to act upon its message.

Chick Publications wants Bible believers to know that we are standing by to provide any quantity desired for those who have a vision to put their resources and soul winners behind this unique opportunity.

If you have found an effective way to get the gospel into the hands of these precious people that God has brought to our doorstep, please share it with us and we will help equip others with the information. You may send it by e-mail to postmaster@chick.com.

If you wish to discuss volume pricing, our discount schedules are on our website or you can call our sales office at 909 987 0771 to discuss your project.

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