At the J&J Apartments, They Kill You...

We were able to hand out (with God's help) 40-50 tracts and no one turned us down. We were even able to lead a Muslim to Christ!

'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'

How should Christians view the push to divide Jerusalem?

A Message From Jack Chick

Today I went fishing for men and ladies. It was fun!

Pollster: American Christians Mostly 'Casual'

Christian Pollster George Barna has identified what he calls "Seven Faith Tribes," in America.

Homosexual Activist Picked for Job of National School Safety

Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), has been appointed to a high office in the Obama Education Department.

8 Weeks Jail for Distributing Chick Tracts in Singapore

In a trial that has dragged on for over a year, Dorothy Leng and Ong Cheong were finally sentenced to jail for their "offences [that] affected the very foundation of Singapore society," according to Judge Roy Neighbour.

'Seasoned' Soul Winners: We've Got to Pass It On

As this generation of soul winners moves on, it is critical that the next generation is inspired (and trained) in witnessing.

'FREE - TAKE ONE ' Tract Racks Saturate Community with Gospel

Five years ago, Pastor Jerry Campbell of Abundant Life Baptist Church decided to see what he could do to seed more gospel into his community in rural Indiana.

Where Can We Find the True Words of God?

The Battle Cry Editor recently sat down with David W. Daniels, author of several books on the Bible version issue. Here is the interview...

Chick Missions Fund Helps Send 240,000 Tracts to Zimbabwe

Not satisfied with just reaching their communities, many Chick customers are sacrificing to reach out to the world.

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