Missionary Sowing Gospel of Peace in Hurting City

A missionary shares his exciting stories from Juarez, Mexico.

Chick Tracts a Core Tool In Church Planting

Missionary Jerry Alford tells how he plants churches in Venezuela using Chick tracts.

How to Deal with Sin: Christian-Muslim Contrast

The Muslim and Christian difference of approach to sin sets the two religions far apart.

Mormonism's Strange Secret Doctrines

Mormonism teaches many things that are so strange they don't talk about them outside their churches. Here are some of their "secrets."

Foreign Language Tracts: A Whole New Joy!

Immigration has brought the mission field to us. A prison chaplain writes, 'I can't believe how much joy I get out of these foreign tracts.'

Persecution Against Christians Rising Worldwide

Is the last haven for religious liberty in jeopardy?

Sex, Evolution's Nightmare!

The existence of the sexes is impossible with evolution.

Message From Jack Chick March/April 2011

How we are fighting back against those who attack the preserved Bible, the KJV.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2011

Soon we had a whole counter full of truckers reading Chick tracts.

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