Most Popular Titles Pack

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This assortment includes 8 titles (25 copies of each title) of our 8 bestselling tracts. Save 26% when you buy 2 or more. You'll get them for $28 per assortment. (See Contents)

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Save 26% when you buy 2 or more packs!

This assortment contains a 25-pack of each of the 8 most popular tract titles, for a total of 200 tracts.

For years, millions of copies of Chick tracts have grabbed the reader’s attention and delivered a no-nonsense Gospel message. During this time, we’ve received many encouraging testimonies from pastors and missionaries who said our #1-selling tract, “This Was Your Life!” helped lead them to Christ.

You CAN be an effective witness —Chick tracts can help!

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Price: $40.00