Vol 2 - Is Your Bible Missing Something?

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Bible publishers are slowly changing the Bible, and few are noticing! Modern Bibles disagree in key verses and about crucial doctrines of the Christian faith. Which Bible can we trust? This DVD contains 57 videos by David W. Daniels on 9 different Bible topics. See what`s changed in modern Bibles and learn how to show friends which Bible is God`s Word. (Read More)

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Publisher: Chick Publications
Run Time: 281 Minutes
Format: NTSC
Price: $12.95
Subtitles: English subtitles

For centuries, the King James Bible was considered by English speakers to be "The Bible." It has a 400-year track record of changed lives, and inspired the greatest missionary effort history has ever known.

But now, many Christians are turning to new, "easier-to-read" Bibles without realizing that publishers are subtly changing the Bible. Many modern Bibles disagree with each other on crucial doctrines of the Christian faith or remove them altogether. Meanings are changed, verses removed and Bible-doubting footnotes are added that create doubt and confusion.

How can we know which Bible to trust if they say different things?

Author David W. Daniels has researched the Bible for over 30 years. He reveals some sinister things that publishers have done to the Bible. Many publishers are owned by unbelievers only in it for the money. “Translators” have skewed texts to further their own unbiblical views. Marketing of doubt is the result. Some changes remove entire doctrines that have been accepted by Christians for centuries.

Daniels’ videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 times because he has a way of making things simple while provoking thought about where you place your faith.  You’ll soon know how to talk with friends and relatives who are themselves in doubt about which Bible IS God’s words.

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DVD includes these videos previously released on our YouTube channel:

Trusting the King James Bible

  1. Does Your Church Trust a Bible that Doesn't Exist?
  2. Did the King James Add Words?
  3. Faith or Footnotes?
  4. Why I Cried for 24 Hours
  5. Could You Fix the KJV?
  6. Who Are the Real Church Fathers?
  7. What Are Publishers Hiding?
  8. Why Did Apostle Paul Need Prayer?
  9. Is He Teaching the Bible?
  10. Is the King James Too Hard?
  11. They're Not Even Sure WHAT They Believe?
  12. We Have an Oversupply
  13. Does God Inspire Translations?
  14. Always Ask Questions
  15. You Can Be Just Like the 90% -or-
  16. Just One More Question
  17. Who Are the Real Know-It-Alls?
  18. Why God Preserved His Words
  19. How to Get Great Faith

What's Changed in Modern Bibles

  1. The Clearest Verse in the Bible
  2. Is There an Anti-Christ Bible?
  3. It's Like Daring God
  4. Why Your Kids May Reject Jesus
  5. Are You Spiritual?
  6. Are You a Carrier?
  7. Is Allah the God of the Bible?
  8. Do You Show Christian Charity?
  9. Just Don't Call It a Bible
  10. How to Spot a Counterfeit
  11. That Wouldn't Hurt Your Faith, Would It?
  12. Which Jesus Do You Trust?
  13. How Do You Add to God's Words?
  14. Can One Verse Change a Doctrine?

Bible vs. Professor

  1. Would You Trust a Bible from This Man?
  2. What Being Critical Does to You
  3. Nobody Likes a Bible Bully
  4. Don't Trust Your Bible, Trust Meee
  5. The Fruit of Textual Criticism
  6. Where Do You Place Your Faith?
  7. The Christian's Golden Plates
  8. Are God's Words Settled Only in Heaven?

God vs. the Devil

  1. What the Devil Wants
  2. The Devil Loves Bibles
  3. God's Not a Literalist, Is He?
  4. Some Basic Questions about Bibles

New International Versions

  1. Look How They Changed the NIV!
  2. New NIV —Jesus Became God
  3. If You Were on a Desert Island...

New King James

  1. New King James —The Hidden Message
  2. NKJV —The Marijuana of Bibles
  3. New King James —From Faith to Doubt
  4. Is This a New King James?
  5. The "Almost the Same" Game

Study Bibles & Commentaries

  1. Why I Got a Ryrie NAS
  2. If Which Bible Doesn't Matter

New American Standard Version

  1. Do Your Motives Matter?

Queen James Bible

  1. What's Wrong With the Queen James?