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32-PAGE, FULL COLOR COMIC BOOK - The world in turmoil, a super leader rises, promising peace. Marty sees Bible prophecy being fulfilled... and learns that he needs Jesus. (Read More)

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Subject: Bible Prophecy

After assassins fail twice to kill Dr. Morse, the Crusaders are assigned to accompany him on his trip to Israel. In the process, they get an inside view of Bible prophecy, and what lies ahead for the world. Like all of Jack Chick's classic comic books, this ends with a call to accept Jesus Christ.


About Author

Jack T Chick

Jack T. Chick was born in Boyle Heights, California, on April 13th, 1924. From early childhood, it was obvious that Jack had an ability to draw. He even failed the first grade because he was so busy drawing airplanes in battle. As he grew, Jack was constantly drawing, and honing skills that God would later use in a great way. While Jack Chick was alive, one news reporter claimed that he was likely the most widely read living author, based on nearly 900 million copies of his gospel tracts printed and distributed. The centerpiece of Jack’s 200+ gospel tract titles was, This Was Your Life, one of the most widely read gospel tracts in the history of the world. Jack went to Heaven on October 23rd, 2016, but before he died, he assembled a staff of likeminded believers who will continue the vision that God gave him.


Author: Jack T Chick
ISBN: 9780937958643
Price: $2.99