Can You Trust 'Oldest and Best'?

People argued that the last part of the Gospel of Mark should be removed since it’s not in miniscule 2427, believed to be the oldest. Then scientific evidence proved it was a hoax.

Does Reading and Trusting the Codex Sinaiticus Lead to Faith?

In the early 1990s, New Testament 'scholar', Kirsopp Lake, spent more time examining Codex Sinaiticus than pretty much anybody. Did his time with this 'ancient' document lead to faith?

How Do You Know They Are Real?

In Washington, DC, the Museum of the Bible has a display containing fragments of what was labeled the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some scholars have questioned the history (provenance) of the fragments. Now, other "ancient Bibles" without provenance are being questioned, like ...Sinaiticus.

Is the Sinaiticus Origen a Lie?


Sinaiticus part 3: Which Part Is Scripture?

The Sinaitucus has several writers and correctors, apocryphal writings, and contradictions. How do you decide which parts to accept as Scripture, and which parts to reject?

The Fingerprints of a Fake

Sometimes the simplest things we notice teach us the biggest lessons. Does Sinaiticus, the 'World's Oldest Bible', have the fingerprints of a fake?

Was Codex Sinaiticus Really Rescued From a Wastebasket?

Tischendorf's story about finding Codex Sinaiticus in a wastebasket is really false. Here is why.

Where Did the King James Bible Come From?

There are two kinds of manuscripts...Accurate and corrupted.

Why Don't They Make A Sinaiticus Bible?

Why not make a Bible out of just the 'world's oldest Bible' Codex Sinaiticus? Here's why you haven’t, and probably never will, see one.

Without the KJV, Jack Chick’s tracts might have been quite different

If Jack would have given in to pressure and decided to use modern versions, some of his tracts might have been quite different than what we have today.