Coming to Your Bible

The Vatican desperately needs the Apocrypha in the Bible to support some of her doctrine. How are modern Bibles increasingly slanted to support Rome's pagan dogmas?

Did the Catholic Church Hide the Bible?

How can you say the Catholic Church hid the Bible, when the first printed Bible (Gutenberg's) was a Roman Catholic Bible?

Didn't the first King James Bible contain the Apocrypha?

Why the King James translators rejected the Apocrypha, placing it BETWEEN the testaments, not in them.

Does the Apocrypha Belong in Your Bible?

The Jews rejected it as part of their Scripture (the Old Testament). But the push continues to add it to the KJV.

Does Your Bible Contain Legends?

Beware of the move to insert ancient legends into the Scriptures.

How Did God Preserve His Words to this Day?

Answer: Down through history, God chose several languages to communicate His message.

Was The Apocrypha In The First King James Bible?

The Answer Book, was written by Dr. Samuel Gipp in response to the dozens of questions used by critics of the King James Bible.