Half of Born-Again Christians Doubt That Jesus Was Sinless

Church congregation during worship.

Studies indicate that the biblical worldview is getting smaller and shallower. They show that less than 6% of the general population in the United States hold a truly biblical view of how we got here (Intelligent design vs Evolution).

And of those who call themselves born-again Christians, less than half believe that Jesus lived a sinless life.

Some point to COVID as partly responsible since weekly church attendance has dropped by about 15 million people since before the pandemic.

There are several implications to this doubt. The belief that born-again Christians have a God-given calling and purpose in life fell from 88% to 46% after the pandemic. This led to a drop from 85 to 50 percent of those committed to practicing their faith. This goes a long way in explaining the lack of interest in the Great Commission.

A sinless Christ is one of the anchor points of the gospel. Redemption from the guilt of sin can only happen by the sacrifice of a sinless One.

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Excerpt from, 'Earthman'

(Excerpt from, "Earthman")

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Another anchor point is belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus. A recent survey indicates that only 66% of Christians believe in that. And as the apostle Paul pointed out in 1 Corinthians 15, if Christ was not raised from the dead our hope of eternal life is also dead.

"And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain." (1 Corinthians 15:14)

The conclusion from these studies is that the worldview called “syncretism” has come to dominate modern thinking. This is a pick-and-choose worldview that sees all religions as multiple paths to the Creator. All religions have good and bad teachings. One must pick out the good and live by it, ignoring the bad —and hope for the future.

It is becoming increasingly obvious by the deterioration of the culture that syncretism is not working. We have many desperate people now looking for hope and yearning for a relationship with their Creator. Before COVID-19 there was a simmering stew of evolution, materialism, humanism, Marxism, and moral confusion. When the crisis came along and turned up the heat, it boiled over into desperation.

Many are now simply descending into despair because they have not been told that a loving Creator waits for their commitment to Him. At that point Satan wins because his suggestion of suicide seems to be the best way out of the misery, which is overwhelming for some.

In a recent article, we talked about the heartbreaking reality that, "Depression and thoughts of suicide among teenage girls shows an alarming increase in the last 10 years."

Bible believers have a golden opportunity to stand tall and extend a loving hand to those caught in this cultural quicksand. Sometimes the encounters are so brief that discussion is not feasible. That is where engaging gospel tracts come in.

Chick tracts do not attempt to deliver complex theology but just the simple message that the Creator loves sinners and He died in their place. Thousands have written to Chick Publications saying that love is exactly what they were looking for.

But they got that message only because somebody (maybe you?) put it out there where they could get it.

Soul winners, the harvest truly is waiting.

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