Not everybody gets saved when they feel conviction of sin. Some of those who attend your church services this Easter will delay life's most important decision. But if people leave your church without receiving Jesus, there is still a way to lead them to Christ!

It's easy to send the gospel home with them by inserting a copy of "The Empty Tomb" or "Poor Little Lamb" inside the bulletin or church pew. You can also give one to every visitor as they leave your service.

Later, as the Holy Spirit keeps knocking at the door of their hearts, they can read what to do, or what to pray. It could be their last opportunity!

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Read 'The Empty Tomb'

The story of Christ's resurrection from the dead. Because of the empty tomb, Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Read 'Poor Little Lamb'

The Passover lamb saved the lives of the firstborn Jews in Egypt. Now Jesus is the Lamb who can save you!

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Here are some simple ways to share the Gospel this Easter

  • Share tracts online for free! Simply use the sharing icons located on each tract reading page, just below the cover.
  • Insert a Chick tract into your church bulletins or give a tract to each person as they leave your service.
  • Share "The Light of the World" film for free. It's available on YouTube.
  • Does your church have a food ministry? Give "John & Romans" booklets and "The Empty Tomb" to your visitors.
  • Add tracts to your church's Easter service invitations.
  • Send out Easter cards to your friends and family with a tract inside.
  • Doing some Spring cleaning? Send tracts with your donation to charity. Or, if you have a yard sale have a stack of tracts to give to your "customers."

You never know who will take a tract home, read it, and get saved!

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