Trucking For Christ

By Hal Larson, Missionary

Over 5 million tractor-trailer drivers go up and down our nation’s highways daily. Almost everything you have, a truck brought to the place where you bought it. The trucking industry is a mission field in itself!

In Acts 1:8, Jesus said we are to be witnesses for Him in Jerusalem [home missions], Judaea [home missions], Samaria [home missions], and unto the uttermost part of the earth [foreign missions]. Three out of the four mission fields that Jesus mentioned were home missions to the people he spoke to. Yet home missions has been the most overlooked!

Trucking for Christ started in 2001 at a truck stop in Norfolk, Virginia. As a Christian and a driver, I saw how great the mission field was. Truckers are out on the road for weeks at a time and cannot get to a church with those big rigs.

As a driver, I found some truck stop chapels, but they were either not King James only, or not strong on soul winning. So, God led me to start a King James Bible-believing, soul-winning trucking ministry that would get truckers saved, convict of sin, and feed Christians who were hungry for the Word.

By God’s grace, about 1,000 truckers have been saved since we started, thousands of Chick gospel tracts and hundreds of free King James Bibles have been given to truckers and others, and a lot of Christian counseling has been done.

One example: Paul, a Polish Catholic truck driver, got saved tonight at the Petro Truck Stop! Praise the Lord! It was a little before 11:00 p.m. when I handed him a gospel tract. By 1:22 a.m., he had gotten saved, and was asking one question after another, eagerly wanting to absorb as much Bible as he could.

I gave him a King James Bible and some Chick tracts: I have rarely seen any new convert with such a desire to know as much Bible as he had!

Another trucker, John, said he felt God leading him to get out of his truck and come into the truck stop. He came into the service and got saved. John said he had been brought up in a Christian home. His father was a preacher, but John was a rebellious youth, and got in with the wrong crowd. His parents prayed and wept for years for him to get saved. Today, he did! Praise God! I told him to call his parents right now and let them know. Can you imagine the shouts of praise to God that were heard on the other end of that phone?

There are truck stops all over America needing Bible-believing, soul-winning Christians, perhaps, just like YOU! Here are some easy steps to take:

  1. Find a truck stop near you.
  2. Go ask the manager if you can come there on Sundays and have a place and time to present the gospel to the truckers. It helps to tell him that you are from a Bible-believing local church.
  3. Talk to your pastor. Tell him your burden to reach these truckers and ask him to be your partner in the effort. Your mission board can be your pastor and church, like in Acts.4. Get started and always be there when you are supposed to. Make up a monthly newsletter letting people know what is happening with your ministry.

Space does not permit writing of many great conversions, rededications, and other things we have seen in this ministry. You will never be sorry if you get one started. It will enrich your Christian life beyond your imagination.

If you have more questions, you can call me at 330-610-3174, or write: Trucking For Christ, 530 Como St., Struthers, Ohio 44471. If anyone feels God leading them to become a faith partner with this ministry, that would be great. We have a monthly prayer letter that will keep you informed with what is happening. Thank you and God Bless!

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