Tract Passing Tips - May 2001

If you really want to see these tracts snatched up, you should see what happens when you tape a bright new penny on the front of appropriate tracts such as How to Get Rich, and children's tracts. Rest areas off the interstate highways are a good place to leave tracts, especially in the summer. I leave them in restrooms, on top of the paper in booths, on top of hand dryers, and by sinks.

To protect from littering, I put a little masking tape on the bottom of the tracts and leave them on picnic benches, tables and under the map/bulletin board by the water fountain. There are several phone booths in these areas where they can be left on the shelf or in the phone book.
A.P., Centralia, WA

In big warehouse discount stores, toilet paper comes in packages of 24 rolls or more. I poke a hole through the over wrap and stick a rolled up tract into the center of a roll of paper. No one notices the hole and the message goes home with them.
Y.M., Watkinsville, GA

While attending a conference in another city, I would clean up my motel room every morning and leave a tip, a letter and a Chick tract for the maid. One morning I left A Love Story for the maid before leaving the room for the conference. That afternoon I received a phone call from the maid who cleaned my room. She thanked me for leaving the tract and told me she had read it and it touched her heart. I have not heard from her since, but I hope to see her in heaven someday.
T.W., Clemson, SC

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