Prison Fund Report - May 2021

Jo Anna Woody heads a prison ministry, Mission Possible, that has partnered with Chick Publications for several decades. She and her late husband, Alan, pioneered the outreach that supplies literature to chaplains in several states. Their emphasis has been on providing Bibles and literature. She reports:

"This past year, 108,946 souls have received 2,500 Bibles, 101,360 tracts, 4,021 comic books, and 1,030 books to help them in their Christian walk!"

One chaplain reported that an assortment of Crusader Comics was distributed in the jail. Later, he looked out at the exercise yard where there was normally a lot of arguing and sometimes fights among the inmates. Instead, the men were sitting quietly reading, and trading the comics. The quiet caught the warden’s attention and the chaplain invited him to take a look.

Another chaplain worked in a reception center with a lot of turnover. He reported that 6200 men came through in the last year and each one got a gospel tract. 590 of them had professed new faith in Christ and nearly 700 had made a rededication. He had heard from 51 others who shared their faith with someone else who also came to Christ. One inmate, who knew sign language, led a deaf man to Christ.

Jo Anna reports:

"The demand for Bibles has been way down because of the pandemic, but the demand for the comics is way up. Every request received in December was met —and that includes those powerful comics. I get them at a good discount, but they are still costly. The chaplains ask hesitantly for them because of that. One dear chaplain in Mississippi called me three times thanking us for the four hundred we sent him. They deeply appreciate your support in getting these valuable books with such powerful messages! Thank you for giving so generously to make eternal differences in lives."

Chick Publications maintains an account for Mission Possible that you can donate to for the purchase of Chick tracts and comics. But if you want a tax-deductible receipt for your donation please send it to:

Mission Possible
P.O. Box 1184
Inverness, FL. 34451