January 2019 Message from David W. Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

It is a great day to be alive! People are asking questions again.

Deborah and I have watched videos of giant crowds, declaring they don’t want to be part of a “new world order.” They are awakening, as if from a dream. Suddenly they are looking for answers.

Finally, people are questioning the world around them. That is a good thing. Because one good question leads to another.

Each of those precious souls has a void inside that only God can fill. No world leader, prosperity, security or worldly happiness can fill it. But Jesus can.

We at Chick are hearing stories of Christians around the world giving out thousands of tracts to people anxious to receive them. Some put them in their pockets for a quiet moment. Others stop right where they are to read them. These tracts are gospel seeds that grow and bear fruit. But like all seeds, they must be sown before they can bear fruit.

Every tract we give out is a seed to plant in at least one precious soul that needs to be saved.

It is good that they are asking questions. But we have one to ask them. It’s the most important question of all: “Is your name in the book of life?”

All others pale in comparison. But unlike them, this one can be answered in moments by an open heart of childlike faith.

One day my daughter, Sarah, asked me an important question. “Daddy, am I going to heaven because I go to church?” And I said, “No, Honey. You can only go to heaven if you believe in Jesus.” She asked, “Am I old enough?” And I said, “Yes.” She grabbed the tract This Was Your Life and we went through it and prayed the prayer together on the last page. And right there in our van, in minutes, my daughter settled the most important question of all.

It’s good when people are awake and asking questions. But God never told us to wait for that. He has told us to sow the seed wherever we can.

It’s amazing what God will do with a willing heart, a few precious moments and a Chick tract.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,