Increase In Bible Interest Means Better Witnessing

Pollster Barna Group has been tracking Americans’ view of the Bible for several years. Up until recently there was a steady decline in use of and interest in Bible reading. But they are finding, in the last couple of years, a stabilizing of those who have a more friendly view of the Bible and those who “engage” with the Bible in their daily lives.

Even “Bible skeptics,” a category that grew from 10% in 2011 to over 20% in 2015, has now suddenly dropped back to 10%.

Granted, in such a complex study, one year does not make a trend, but given the general unease in the culture, it may be significant to soul winners. As noted elsewhere in this issue, unbelievers who have counted on ungodliness to bring them happiness are, instead, often yielding to “despair.” 

Throughout history, prosperity has not generally been good for the true church. Moses foresaw that Israel would falter in their commitment when they got rich. (See Deut. 30-31.)

There is a sense that the mood of Americans is changing, recognizing the bankruptcy of the present course we are on. But, without revival, they will only turn to other vain deceptions. Satan always has another lie ready if you expose the old one.

Gospel tracts have figured greatly in sparking past revivals. Let’s reseed the country with the gospel. Can we refuse to share the only real solution to today’s despair?

But, we must be sure that the tracts we use contain the true words of God in English that He has blessed for 400 years, the King James Bible.

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