Have You Ever Told a Lie? New Video Helps People See How Un-Good They Are

Video producer Jim Tetlow believes that sometimes you have to get some people lost before you can get them saved. So, he decided to conduct on-the-spot interviews to see how the average person on the street views his relationship to God's Ten Commandments.

The result is a captivating, 17 minute, soul-searching video that leaves the viewer sure he is a sinner desperately in need of Christ's free gift of eternal life.

Copying the new fad in reality TV, Tetlow set up a video camera and microphone and invited passers-by to be interviewed on the Ten Commandments. With the camera running, the interviewer asks, "Have you ever told a lie?" A typical response, "Yes, but I try to tell only good lies."

Interviewer: "So, what does that make you?" After a bit of squirming, the answer comes, "Uh; a liar?

Next question: "Have you ever stolen anything?"

Confident answer: "No."

"How about paper supplies?"




"Napster music?"

The confident facial expression suddenly fades: "Well... Uh... Yesss?" Interviewer: "Then you could say that you're a lying thief, right?" More squirming, "Yes..."

"Since you have broken God's laws, should He let you into heaven?"



"Well... I go to church, to confession...?"

Camera cuts to another interviewee with some other excuse.

The viewer is captivated as each person's confidence dissolves into a "caught-in-the-cookie-jar" expression. By the end of the video, called The Good Test, the viewer cannot escape the fact that we have all broken at least some of the commandments and cannot claim to have earned heaven. A clear presentation of the gospel completes the video.

The Good Test is a riveting reminder to the Christian that salvation is an unearned gift. To the unbeliever, he is left with no excuse before God's righteous judgement, but cannot miss the clear message of God's mercy in giving His Son to die in our place.

The Good Test is a heart-searching discussion starter for a Bible class and a powerful witnessing tool to a video-centered generation hooked on reality shows. It is great for showing to any group that contains someone who might need Jesus: cell groups, home Bible studies, youth camps, adult retreats, even senior's gatherings.

Show it to a congregation before the sermon. Show it periodically to Sunday school classes. The message is so intriguing that regulars will enjoy it over and over and new members will clearly see why they need Jesus. Buy a couple of copies and donate them to your church library.

All scripture in this DVD version of The Good Test is from the King James Version of the Bible.

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