Creative Christians Share Christ on Halloween

Christians across America were excited on the evening of October 31st, 2017.

They stocked up on tracts to be ready for the trick-or-treating children, and then took to the internet to share their enthusiasm and plans for the night with fellow Christians.

On Facebook, one couple shared a photo of a table stocked with tracts with the caption, "Passing out tracts with the candy. Praying to pass out 425 this year!"

"Us too!" Eduel A. responded, posting a photo of a bowl of Halloween tracts and crayons wrapped with rubber bands.

Many more believers jumped in with their own photos. They showed tracts wrapped in small plastic bags with candy and church flyers, children showing off trays full of tracts and candy, baskets and bowls of candy and rolled up tracts, baggies of tracts and candy bound with a ribbon containing contact information for a local church, and even a creative setup bathed in black light!

When the fun was over, thousands of children had taken the gospel of Jesus Christ home with them. Here are just a few of the testimonies we received afterward:

"We handed out about 80 tracts and could have definitely handed out many more, but we ran out of candy and tracts, which was awesome. I had no idea if any would go, but it is the best time to give them, as everyone comes to you expecting something. I like to tell the teenagers, 'Don't read the comic, it's too scary.' " —Skip D.

"Well, I put out 10 bucks worth of candy and about 40 different Chick tracts on our bench by our front porch. The next morning I had about 2 dollars worth of candy left, but the gospel tracts were all gone! I burned Satan on his own day!" — Michael L.

"I heard one child say to her group as they walked up our side walk "Oh good, this is the house that gives out comic books"! We didn't get started as early as we would have liked this year because of circumstances, but usually we give these little gems (with the good candy of course) ;-) to over two hundred children each year. :-D" —Jim C.

Christians in America weren't the only ones sowing the gospel seed. Connie Y. wrote:

"We used over 1000 tracts on the different Halloween themes in Tijuana, Mexico. Our group of kids from our children's home passed out these tracts in less than an hour down the main downtown street of Tijuana. No tracts were found on the ground or trash! People thanked us for them and our kids had a blast passing them out!"

Brothers and sisters around the world are already preparing for this Halloween. Thousands more children will take the gospel home thanks to their efforts. Join the fun, and reach a few more for the Lord with Chick tracts!

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