Tract Passing Tips - July 2004

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for all the soul winners through Chick tracts! My pastor told me that when he was at the airport, waiting for the plane to arrive, he noticed a tract on the bench on the seat beside him. He read it, saw my testimony and my name at the end, placed it again on the bench, then got up and watched if someone would read it.

Two persons sat down, read the tract, and placed it back on the bench. Then one lady sat down, picked it up, read it, got up again swiftly and gave it to a passerby at the airport...and the Gospel goes out!
F. C., Alameda, CA

I have a little car dealership and I found one of your brochures in a vehicle I was cleaning up for sale, titled This was Your Life. I'm going to place some of these in my car lot office for my customers to pick up.
B.S., Moultrie, GA

In my grandfather's safe deposit box, along with my inheritance, were several of your tracts. After reading "Big Daddy" I began to doubt what I was taught in school. I am sure that others of your publications would be equally enlightening, as the tract I read led me to accept Jesus!
M.C., Normal, IL

I admire your stand and appreciate your tracts. I gave one out to a lady in the gas station, she read it, her friend read it, and when I came back in later to get coffee another guy standing behind the counter was reading it. That means the price of the Chick tract went from 14 cents to seven cents to three and a half cents in less than a day. Three different people heard the gospel.
G.H., Internet

Last month, I received a phone call from my landlord. They told me that just recently their whole family (husband, wife & teenage daughter) had trusted in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour! The wife asked me to please continue to send Chick tracts in Spanish along with my rent check each month.
B.H., Palm Springs, FL

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