Chick Mail Bag - September 2007

Issue Date: September/October 2007

After 13 years of much prayer and sharing of the Word with my husband, a Catholic of 35 years, a few months ago the Holy Spirit opened his spiritual eyes to the truth of Catholicism. The children and I have worshiped faithfully together as my husband went to mass. I was raised and have raised the children in a strong Bible-preaching, Bible-believing church and we have all prayed that the Lord would truly give us the desire of our hearts, that we could truly be one and whole as a family. Praise the Lord we now all go to the same Bible-preaching, and believing church.
D.C. Sligo, PA

God is blessing in a mighty way. It is exciting to hear veteran missionaries talk about how God has used Chick tracts all around the world. We also use Chick tracts, especially in the teen department. Thanks for recognizing the need and allowing God to use you to meet it.

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