Boy Scounts No Longer "Boy" Scouts

Christian parents are having to work much harder to raise godly children. Now another old standby has crossed a red line. The venerable Boy Scouts of America has taken another step back from its original vision.

It started a few years ago when leadership yielded to homosexual pressure to include "gay" members. Next was openly homosexual leadership. Membership began dropping at that point. Peaking a few years ago at about 4 million, current membership is slightly half that.

When the transgender craze started, girls who claimed to be boys applied and were accepted. Now, the doors are thrown open to all girls. No longer could it be called "Boy" Scouts, so now it is officially "Scouting BSA."

Almost from the beginning, the Mormons were one of the chief sponsors of the Boy Scouts. Current Mormon BSA membership totals more than 400,000. Mormon leadership has indicated that they plan to remove support for the Scouts and develop or expand their own programs.

Christian parents have been avoiding the Girl Scouts for some time. Lesbian leadership and support from Planned Parenthood raised concern along with admission of transgendered boys.

Along with both camps' adoption of unbiblical same-sex radicalization, some parents were shocked by the GSA handing out the sex manual "Healthy, Happy, and Hot" and BSA requiring condoms to be available at the World Jamboree.

Fortunately, churches who wish to sponsor a biblically sound alternative have options. Trail Life for boys and American Heritage Girls for girls are both exploding in membership.

However, parents dare not let down their guard. Satan never sleeps. The culture is no longer our friend in helping raise our children. The strongest biblical world view can only be built into your kids by constant vigilance and "nurture and admonition of the Lord" by loving parents. The church or any other organization are only helpers along the way. If we turn our back for a moment, the devil's henchmen are watching.

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