What's Missing in Mel Gibson's 'Passion'? Tell Them the WHOLE Story!

One of the most controversial films to come out of Hollywood is Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." It is getting wide endorsements from the evangelical community. Many tickets are being sold in advance of its release.

There is also much dispute about the content with some claiming it contains a message of hate. Others view it as a moving message of the gospel.

For soul winners, it is another opportunity to make sure that the movie goers get a full understanding of why Christ suffered so horribly. Years ago, when the movie, The Titanic, was drawing record crowds to local theaters, Chick Publications had previously published a tract by that name using the sinking of that ship to present the gospel.

Soul winners handed out hundreds of thousands of Titanic tracts to the long lines of people waiting to get into the theaters. Today, we have another such opportunity. Almost every Chick tract contains a picture of Jesus on the cross with a quote such as John 3:16.

However, tracts like The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Empty Tomb and even Creator or Liar, The Present, and The Word Became Flesh would be suitable to distribute in front of theaters showing Gibson's The Passion.

The buzz over the film also provides an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors over for a viewing of Chick Publications' new 78-minute gospel video, The Light of the World. It also shows the brutal last hours of Christ but takes up where The Passion leaves off.

It shows the rest of the story of Christ's role as Creator, and the full meaning of His triumphant resurrection. It dangles the viewer over the boiling pit of hell, then explains the glorious redemption that Christ's gruesome death bought for us.

The Light of the World is more than just a "life of Christ" video. Everyone who sits through it is brought face-to-face with the simple choice everyone must make. He knows he cannot escape the consequences of that choice.

Soul winners, let's seize this opportunity to get the rest of the story to the lost. It's not enough to show Christ's death on the cross. You have to show who He was and why He died and rose again. Anything else is not the gospel.

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