What to Say When You're Handing Out Tracts.

Veteran tract users each have their favorite "one-liners" when passing tracts. Here are a few they have shared with us.

I have given out between 50,000 - 60,000 tracts since I was saved and for years I experimented on how to get people to take them. About four years ago I hit on a little gem that gets about 95% of people to take them.
Here it is: "Did you get one of these?" This question has a two-fold effect:
  1. It stimulates curiosity (the tract is held vertically with the end facing the person so that they can't see the title).
  2. It makes the person feel that he is missing out on something (and he is!).
—Ray Comfort, California

My tract line is: "Here's a little gift for you!"
—Walter Padell, Texas

I have planted, mailed and passed out nearly 20,000 of your paper missionaries and have encouraged others to do the same... When I hand a tract to someone, I watch their expression. I tell them it is a Christian comic book. I also question people who have come from another country, where they are from and what their native language is. Then I try to get them a tract in their own language.
One day I was in McDonald's handing out tracts and I gave one to each of three girls about 12 years old, I said, "Here is a Christian comic book for each of you." One of them asked, "What is it about?" I said, "It will show you how to get to heaven." Another one said, "How does it do that?" One more answer led to one more question. The next thing I knew all three were calling on our precious Jesus to forgive them and save them. What a mighty God we serve!
—Bryan Gentry, Florida

I found the best way to pass out tracts one-on-one is, don't ask, "Can I give you something to read?" Most people out of habit will tell you no. But say, "Here's something for you to read later" or not say anything at all just hand it to them and smile.

One thing that is really neat when I go through a drive thru restaurant I put my money inside the tract and hand the cashier the money and tract at the same time. I tell them the little book is for you. After awhile they are hanging out the drive thru window wanting more and saying here comes the tract lady. Get us a new book! I tell them be sure to pass it around for everyone in the restaurant to read. Don't throw it away. When the time is right I ask them if they got saved yet or if they read the last page, especially.

Anytime I pay for something I put the money in the tract and hand it to the person. A missionary once said that the communist will walk up to you while your are eating, lift up your plate and stick a tract under your plate. I haven't done this yet, but I thought if they can be so bold as to do that with a lie, I can do it with the truth. That is what made me think of not asking the person if they would like a tract.

I also work at an antique store and we have a basket full of free Chick tracts by the front door. And every bag we have has a tract already in it for when a customer buys something.

When I go home once a year to visit my Mom and Dad I load up a little red wagon full of tracts and go house to house pulling the wagon and putting tracts in each door. In an afternoon I can cover the whole town. I get a real thrill out of doing this but very tiring!

I hope these few ideas will help someone to get more tracts out and enjoy doing it.
— Andy Krallen, Maryland

Just an idea you could pass around to those who need more "places" to put your tracts. I have been driving around to the bars I used to frequent and putting tracts on the cars in the parking lot.

It saddens me that all the years I went to bars I never found a tract on my car and no one ever tried to talk to me about Jesus. Jesus loves all people. I intend to keep putting your tracts out, and speaking to anyone who will listen to me about Jesus Christ.
—Anne Curry, Mississippi

Are you ever at a loss for words when handing a tract to someone but you heard someone else say something that you were able to use? Or are you never at a loss for words when handing a tract to someone? Whatever kind of person you are, if you have found a way, or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us.

We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners.

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