Weakness of 'Scientific' dating method exposed

Over a 20 year career, Shinichi Fujimura made one amazing archaeology discovery after another. "He single-handedly pushed back the known origin of Japanese civilization by hundreds of thousands of years," according to news reports.

His long hours at the excavation sites and a seeming uncanny intuition for where the artifacts lay buried earned him a reputation for hard work and international renown. The most prestigious national museums displayed dozens of his finds.

Finally someone began to question his seemingly miraculous successes. One of Japan's largest newspapers received a tip and investigative reporters positioned hidden video cameras at the dig sites. Over a period of months, Fujimura was caught on tape planting artifacts in the soil to be "discovered" by him later.

At this point in the story, the Los Angeles Times reporter makes an amazing admission: "Most of the 'proof' of discoveries is determined by the age of the soil in which the items are found. Fujimura simply buried newer items in older soil."

Dr. Kent Hovind, in his Creation video series, exploded the theory that Fujimura was exploiting. Evolution teaches that there is a "geologic column." This is an imaginary column of layers of soil containing the history of earth's "evolvement." "The geologic column is the Bible of the evolutionists," said Dr. Hovind. But it can only be found one place in the world —in science textbooks!

Evolution depends on the theory that layers of rock and sand were uniformly deposited on top of each other over billions of years. And in these layers can be found a progressive history of the plant and animal worlds.

But nowhere in the world has such a column been found. When evolutionists came up with the theory of the geologic column they made up an imaginary drawing, picking and choosing from all different kinds of geological formations to assemble their drawing.

They drew in a layer, gave it a name like "Jurassic" or "Cambrian" and assigned it an "index" fossil such as the dinosaur or trilobite. Hovind quoted from several textbooks that describe how these layers are dated.

On one page, the books will say that the age of the layer is determined by the type of index fossil found in that layer. Then, on the very next page or pages, they will state that the age of the fossils is determined by the layer in which they are found.

Hovind also quoted evolutionists admitting that this is circular reasoning and proves nothing. Yet, they refuse to consider that evolution is really their religion and cannot be true science because the evidence supporting the theory simply does not exist.

When evolutionists buy the lie that soil layers can be accurately dated, they are open to the same deception that Fujimura used to fool his nation for so long. Hovind exposed the deception behind both archaeology and geological theories that rest on dating by geologic columns.

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