Tracts in 12 Languages Ready for World Cup Games

Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to fund Chick literature projects and video translations around the world.

About the time you are reading this newsletter, hundreds of thousands of Chick tracts, provided by AGTF, will be arriving in Germany for the World Cup Soccer games there this summer. Witnessing teams will be converging for a huge outreach during the month-long event. Sixty-three games have been scheduled, giving the teams exposure to several million people with many languages. Tracts in a dozen major languages were sent over.

Other AGTF projects include funding for the translation of The Light of the World video into Filipino and Hebrew. Tracts have been supplied to workers in Romania, the Philippines, United Kingdom and Mexico with a project underway in Brazil.

Many letters have come back from missionaries and pastors who have benefited from AGTF-supplied literature. One pastor, Chris Owens has a wide-ranging ministry to Hispanics, both in the U.S. and Central America. Owens organizes conferences for Hispanic pastors to encourage them in more effective ministry. Each pastor is given a thousand or several thousand tracts to take back to their home churches. In one conference in Cancun, Mexico, pastors from five states in Mexico and also Cuba were supplied with tracts. 2000 were carried to Havana by a Mexican missionary to Cuba.

Another pastor in North Carolina has a prison ministry involving five county jails, plus a hospital. He writes, "We have had many blessings and answered prayers recently. We have had 142 people profess faith in Christ in the past four months. God is good, all the time." One race track ministry helped by AGTF passed out almost 50,000 tracts in just four weeks.

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