Tract Passing Tips - March 2004

The downtown streets of Memphis are blocked off every Saturday night. There are always several thousand to deal with and for big events (which are many times during the year) there are tens of thousands. I use your tracts because they get read. About two months ago, two older teenage boys came up to me and said they wanted to tell me that my work was not in vain. They then told me that several months earlier I had given them and their friend one of your tracts. Their friend's mother found the tract and she got saved.
Memphis, TN

At my apartment building, I leave tracts in the laundromat. I heard from one RC wife that she read the Are Roman Catholics Christians? with interest. So much so that she and her husband will be attending a just starting Bible study group. And several other persons have also expressed willingness to learn more about the Bible. At work, I usually leave them in the men's room. These have created some stir, as several persons are collecting them, and also discussing them among themselves. These are just the effects I know of.
H.M., Ridgecrest, CA

Being a former Marine and in the Army I like leaving the Chick tract called Holy Joe in the recruiting stations for young men and women. This one tract that was given to me back in the 60's kept me strong when the war was going on. This is the best tract for our service men and women to read.
R.W., Internet

A co-worker left a Chick tract in the restroom at our work place. For the first time my eyes were opened to the fact that I was a sinner. After I was saved he gave me an assortment of Chick tracts. I sent some of the tracts to a girl in the Georgia Health Institute who was there because of drug over dose. She read the tracts and got saved. I know, because she later on became my wife and we are serving the Lord today.
J.J., Rayston, GA

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