Tract Passing Tips - March 2001

I staple a dollar bill inside the back cover of a Chick tract and hand them to people on the street who come to me asking for a hand out. I tell them, "Food for the body and food for the soul."
R.F., Colorado Springs, CO

I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 16 years. I am limited in ministering because I have 7 children and I home school. I really can't afford this tract ministry, but when I go shopping, I ask the Lord to give me enough money left over for tracts. He did... exactly! I was able to get all my groceries and some tracts. That was a miracle!

I am a deputy Sheriff. Every time I go to court I put several of your tracts out in the courtroom. Often times I have to contend with tracts from false religions and cults. But most people will reach for your tracts first and read them above all others.
P.B., NC

Another good place to pass tracts is in a bathroom in an airport. At each occupied stall, I pitch a tract under the door and say, "Here's something to read while you wait, with our compliments."
S.H., Lexington, KY

I have seen yard maintenance companies deliver ads this way, so I improved on this idea. I buy snack size ziplock bags and a bag of white rock from the store. My wife then puts a Chick tract in each bag with a few rocks, seals them and puts them in a box. I go out early in the morning and throw one of these next to the morning paper in people's driveways. I cover a lot of ground in a short time with my truck so have the potential of reaching a hundred people each time.
T.S., Newark, CA

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