Tract Passing Tips - January 2003

In hospitals, I occassionally hand out tracts to patients and families I come in contact with. The tracts Room 310, Last Rites and Back From The Dead are perfect for this situation. The lobby is a great place to hand out tracts to patients' loved ones sitting around waiting for news from the doctor.
Q.S.I., San Diego, CA

We live in a small town and have two parades each year. We decorate our white pickup in patriotic or Christian themes and as we pass through the crowds, my 11 year old son and his cousin toss zip-lock bags filled with candy and a Chick tract.
H., Miller, MO

We have an AWANA program at our church, and every so often I get to do a story time. I gave each child a copy of Charlie's Ants and had them read along with me as I read the tract aloud. Afterwards I let them keep the tract to take home.
E.N, Internet

I listen to short wave radio and collect QSL cards from the stations. Then I stuff a Chick tract in the envelope with the reception report and mail it off to the radio station in that country. This week I logged Radio Vatican in my log book. Guess which tract will go there? Are Roman Catholics Christians.
M.S., Greenville, SC

When approaching a group of teens, hand them tracts and say, "Here, read these, but don't let the cops catch you." They are sure to read them.

Go to open houses, brand new homes and homes to be sold anywhere, and put tracts in their cabinets, drawers, etc. At department stores, you could put them in refrigerators, shirt and coat pockets on display racks, etc.