Sin is the Root of Poverty and Global Economic Turmoil

The recent global economic crisis is prompting financial leaders to take another look at the role of sin in world economics. Looking for ways to pressure governments toward more integrity, the World Bank recently hosted a seminar in Washington on the role of the news media in fighting corruption and keeping governments honest.

Speakers emphasized the need for a free press and for the media to be bold in exposing corruption and cronyism in government officials. It linked the poverty of many third world countries to government officials who steal tax revenue and international development loans. Money which should have been used to build roads, bridges, power plants and public utilities often goes into the pockets (or secret foreign bank accounts) of the government leaders and their cronies.

Several years ago when Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier was forced out of leadership in Haiti, he retired to the French Rivera to spend his time driving Lamborghini autos and treating his friends to $2500 dinners. Meanwhile his abandoned country suffers under the worst poverty in the Western Hemisphere. The paved roads, power lines, sewer systems, agricultural assistance, schools, and infrastructure necessary for the economic growth of the country were never built. The money for them was stolen by corrupt government leaders.

Investments in Russia have virtually dried up as western business leaders discovered that the government is powerless against huge Mafia like business cartels who operate above the law. Much of the World Bank loan money which has already been extended to Russia is funneled off by corrupt leaders and never benefits the common people.

A recent report to the UN by a think tank specializing in world hunger stated that global hunger was not the result of lack of supply, but political turmoil and bad economic policies: "It turns out that (on a daily basis) there is more than a pound of meat and dairy products, almost two and a half pounds of grain, and a pound of vegetables and fruits available for everyone in the world."

America has been strong because even its leaders were not above the law. When they turned to criminal activity, they went to jail just like any commoner. Tax money and government resources were used to educate the people, provide reliable utilities to the factories, farms and homes, and discourage evil through diligent police and fair judges.

But more important, the majority of the people recognized that "Righteousness exhalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people." (Proverbs 14:34) As soul winners, we carry a heavy responsibility.

Our message of regeneration through the blood of Christ is the only hope of the world. We must persuade as many as we can that the only path to peace is through submission to the King of kings. If we fail, then the end time scenario of Big Brother Government will quickly unfold, totally controlling everything including who is to be worshipped. The Bible says that's what it will be like in the end time. But it also says that the gospel must first be preached to all nations. (Matthew 24:14) So we have much work to do.

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