Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-1999

Chick tracts get read...
I came to the Lord by reading a Chick tract and I've been with Him ever since. I've brought a lot of people here to Christ using your tracts. It's like they don't like to read any other books but those tracts.
C.F., New Jersey

I left Jesus behind the fence...
I thank God for you and your ministry. Especially your prison outreach. That is how I first came in contact with your tracts and magazines. I was raised in a church environment but I started to rebel against my family and God. I started to get in trouble with the law when I was 14 years old. Three years later I was in Florida's state prison system. That's when I first saw your material. It really helped me through my time in prison. After I was released, I did what a lot of prisoners seem to do. I left Jesus and all his wonderful love behind the fence. I didn't go back to crime but my life was still a mess. It's been five years now since I was released from state prison. Just two months ago I rededicated my life to Jesus. Praise God! Now I'm released from sin's prison.
R.M., Florida

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