Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2008

I am an inmate serving a 35 year sentence. At the time I went to jail I was a very ignorant, selfish and rebellious person. I got to read tracts, and it was one of the greatest things I have ever done. The pictures and characters really gave me the insight of what I was really reading. I know it helped me 100% in getting started reading the Bible. I love reading the Bible now. Thank God! I always try to read the Bible by trying to use my imagination in trying to focus a picture of what is really going on. I just finished reading Angel of Light and I am going to pass it on to other inmates. Some of them can`t read but the pictures really get their curiosity going.
E.H., Parchman, MS

If you wish to provide Chick tracts to help prisoners find Christ, send your donation to: Chick Tracts For Prisoners, Mission Possible, P. O. Box 1184, Inverness, FL. 34451-0836. You will get a tax deductible receipt and a newsletter detailing the progress of their ministry.

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