Prison Ministry Letters: July-2006

I am doing a one year prison sentence. Your ministry was a part of my calling to repentence and salvation! I enjoy your material and sharing it with others. The Godfathers. The guard, who is supposed to be Catholic, ended up reading the whole thing. He vehemently asked where it came from and must have been alarmed at what he read (rightfully so). Soon after, two guards came to my cell and took away the Alberto Series and Big Betrayal. Later, I saw the same two reading the comic series in a back room.

My room mate was called in for questioning because he had been reading them as well. When he went to talk with them, he saw that the room was full of guards and all but one of them was reading them. I might be getting a write-up for bartering. We are not allowed to loan, pass, or give anything to each other. By passing this info around I broke this rule. They call it bartering. We call it witnessing or sharing the gospel!
Name withheld