Prison Ministry Letters: July-2003

The last time I ordered tracts, I had you send an assortment to my brother in prison. He wrote and says he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour and is in a Bible study in prison every night.
P.J. Liberal, KS

We really appreciate your tracts in the prison ministry. We can put tracts in their hand and put their minds on the things of God. The prisoners really like the tracts as they are easy to read and simple to understand. Many people have gotten saved at our local jail thanks to your tracts.

I was incarcerated in a prison in the Toronto area. While waiting to go to my unit, I found a copy of This Was Your Life! on a table. I read it as I waited and realized I was on my way to hell. I got a hold of a Bible and that night prayed and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save me. I experienced change in my life immediately. I had a desire to live right, read my Bible, pray, and I could not wait to get out so I could go to church. I quit smoking and refused all offers of drugs. After I got out of prison, I went to Bible college and am now a pastor. We take Chick tracts into jails and pass them out on the street. This Baptist preacher is in the ministry today because someone was faithful in leaving a little tract in a prison.
H.S., Toronto, Canada

I was arrested for burglary and given three years in state prison. I knew all about Jesus, but I never knew Him! Your books helped me find Jesus. I now share them with all inmates; white, black and even with the guards.
J.V., California

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