Prison Ministry Letters: July-2002

I was incarcerated and while waiting to go to my unit, I found a copy of This Was Your Life! on a table. I read it and realized I was on my way to hell. I got ahold of a Bible and that night I prayed and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save me. I experienced change in my life immediately. I had a desire to live right, read my Bible, pray and I could not wait to get out to go to church. I quit smoking and refused all offers of drugs. When I got out, I went to a Christian college and got a Bachelor of Theology degree. I've been pastoring for five years now.
H.S., Internet

Chick Publications changed my life forever around 14 years ago. I was in prison at the time. The publications kept me glued to the Bible for years. My present knowledge of the Word is due in no small part to Chick Publications.
B.T., Internet

These tracts have encouraged the prisoners in the county jail to be collectors. Many are finding Christ. Praise the Lord!
A.H., Florida

I was saved after reading a tract called The Beast. At that time I was majoring in computer science in college. That tract really hit home as we had been discussing electronic funds transfer and the new age of computers. Since that time I have been busy placing Chick tracts where ever I can and the Lord has used me to personally lead over five hundred souls to Him I recently graduated from Bible College and have been busy working in local jails. I have lead over 175 prisoners to Christ and have been offered a position as chaplain in a facility of five thousand prisoners. The prisoners love Chick tracts and always ask for them.
C.A., Texas

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