Prison Ministry Letters: May-2009

I just wanted to let you know your tracts go over very well in our jail/prison ministry here in Wisconsin. We deal with different types of people every week, so any type of reading material they get that has a Biblical influence to it they really enjoy.
D. G., Crossbars Prison Minsitry, WI

Thanks be to God, I now do a jail ministry in two county jails and a youth detention center. One day I met a man in solitary confinement who just the day before tried to commit suicide. The guard let me talk to him, and after leading him to Christ, I handed him a stack of Chick tracts. He`s still serving the Lord (in prison, but serving the Lord). One day I was leaving the jail and one of the men I witnessed to was doing laundry. When he saw me passing by he shouted, "Hey preacher, you got any of those little books?" I stopped and he came running to get some. Your tracts are the most powerful ones I`ve ever used.
L. C., Bracketvillle, TX

There is a friend of mine, Don, who got saved recently then he got sent to a detention center. He has a great tract ministry going there in jail and they had six people last week make public professions about receiving Christ as their personal Saviour. I sent him a jumbo pack of comic books and some Next Step books. Don also said they had 5 people attending the jail church services when he got there a couple months ago. They are now running about 25 in attendance and most of them are starting to study the Bible our church sent them. He said when he first got there he started passing out tracts but now they have become so popular the people are coming to his cell and asking for tracts.
K. W., Paducah, KY

If you wish to provide Chick tracts to help prisoners find Christ, send your donation to: Chick Tracts For Prisoners, Mission Possible, P. O. Box 1184, Inverness, FL. 34451-0836. You will get a tax deductible receipt and a newsletter detailing the progress of their ministry.

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