Prison Ministry Letters: May-2005

You sent a friend of mine some Chick tracts with comic book-like stories in them, about people turning to Jesus. He loved them. We both did. There are a lot of guys here who would get a lot out of them, that are just learning to read. Could you please send me some of them too? I could pass them on when I finish reading them. Those tracts are leading people to Christ. These guys need them. Please send me some of them to pass around.
J.B., Sparta, GA

All people read Jack Chick's tracts. It was a Chick tract that first sowed the Word of God in my heart. Thank you for caring and sharing.
C.R., Florence, AZ

The literature we requested from Chick Publications... has helped us break free of the Roman Catholic church here. This place had opened the gates wide open and a large number of Catholic priests came in to convert us, but you have given us some ammunition to fight with and now we will not be defeated by the lack of wisdom!
J.W. Holdenville, OK

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