Prison Ministry Letters: May-2003

The Christian brothers take the tracts out on the yard and back to their housing units and share them (the tracts) with the men who never come to the chapel. Your small booklet tracts are excellent for reaching the lost as men who will not read any literature concerning Jesus Christ will read them. Each of them are built on the Word of God with the plan of salvation in the back and the Lord is using them to bring men to Himself.
B.S., California

I was saved reading The Beast. I recently graduated from Bible college and have been busy in the local jails. I have lead over 175 prisoners to the Lord and have been offered a chaplain's position. The prisoners love Chick tracts and always ask for them.
C.A., Burleson, TX

You changed my life forever around 14 years ago. I was in prison at the time and your publications kept me glued to the Bible. My present knowledge of the Word is due in no small part to Chick Publications.
B.T., Internet

We have had many good experiences handing out your tracts. Once my husband gave a Chick tract to the mechanic who was about to fix our car. When the time came to pay for the repair, the mechanic said, "I don't want your money, but if you have any more of those little books, I'd like to have some to give out."

Now we live in South Africa, and my husband gives out tracts in prisons. No one refuses them, even the Muslims. We're thankful these tracts are available.
V.Y., South Africa

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