Prison Ministry Letters: May-2002

I am an inmate here in the county jail and I'm trying to become an upright Christ follower. I was a Catholic until I was given some of your books, Angel of Light and The Godfathers. I was very impressed with what I had read. I believe it to be true.
J G., Illinois

I am a 19-year-old boy in prison. I first came across your books (comics) from another inmate. I have never been so touched by a product as I was by your comics and tracts. It really shook me up. But I kept on reading and the second day I was on my knees and asking Jesus to save me and take over my life.
J.A., North Carolina

I was arrested for burglary at age 20 and sentenced to 3 years. I knew all about Jesus for ten years, but never really knew Him until I read your books. Your books helped me find Jesus! Your book Spellbound was what got me. Most of the music I used to listen to was satanic. Now I share Jesus and your books with all the inmates and guards, and when I get out I'll keep on sharing.
J.V., California

I was in prison 10 years ago and got some of your comics. I left them there for others to read when I was released. My wife and I accepted Christ a month ago and I've been wanting to read your comics again. I found one of your tracts in my travels and ordered the comics and assortment of tracts.
P.V., Internet

I received a letter from a young man serving time for murder which took place in a drug deal. He is only 22 years of age. As a result of sharing several of your books with him, he has become saved. I can tell by his letter his life is blossoming even though he is in a maximum security prison.
C.H., Michigan

Your comic set really changed me from a "Ruff" gangbanger from Chicago to the man of Christ I am now. I`m not a perfect Christian, but I try. I talk to a lot of young guys getting locked up. I see myself in a lot of these "tough guys" and I believe the comics will open their minds.
E.B., Texas

I was saved by our Lord Jesus because someone sat down and shared the tract One Way! with me. It had no words but it said so much! Thank you for your ministries. They blessed me and helped start my walk and hunger for our Lord Jesus.
A.S., California

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