Prison Ministry Letters: March-2000

Chick tracts develop a curiosity...
I am a correction officer in charge of a highway litter crew and I let them collect aluminum cans. The crew has consented to give 10% to a prison ministry. I buy your tracts and large comic books about the different religions. With the growing prison population I have found a growing thirst to learn about God in the inmates and I use your tracts to promote an interest in God. Your tracts develop a curiosity that brings them to me to ask more questions about the Word of God.
T. R., Warren, RI

Blown out of the water by Crusaders...
I recently gave myself to Christ after reading Primal Man and Scarface of the Crusaders Series. Wow! I was really blown out of the water by the information contained in them. I would like to use these magazines for myself to help minister and witness to other people like me. Many people will read, I mean actually read these types of magazines.
P.H., Amarillo, TX

They really shook me up...
I am a 19 year old in prison. I first came across your comics from another inmate. I have never been as touched by a product as I was by your comics and tracts. They really shook me up. But I kept on reading and by the second day I was on my knees asking Jesus to save me and take over my life. I can truly say I have never read books that put it to you in the plain facts as yours do.
J.A., Blanch, NC

Full of hate...
I have accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and now I want to share Him with others here in prison. I was full of despair, hate and sorrow. It was one of your tracts that eventually led me to Christ and a deeper understanding of the Bible.
R.D., Huntsville, TX

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