Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2004

When I was in prison about ten years ago, you sent me your comics. I left them there for the other prisoners when I was released. My wife and I both accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour about a month ago. We've been wanting to read your comics again and didn't know where to get them. I found one of your tracts in my travels and ordered the comics and an assortment of tracts to use in my witnessing.
P.S., Internet

I am a 19-year-old boy in prison. I first came across your comics from another inmate. I have never been touched by a product as I was by your comics and tracts. They really shook me up and by the second day I was on my knees and asking Jesus to save me and take over my life.
J.A., Blanch, NC

I've been in and out of prisons most of my life starting at the age of 12, and I'm 38 now. Until recently I was just another of the many lost souls out in the world. The last time I got busted, God changed all of that. I want you to know that your tracts and comics had a lot to do with my coming to the Lord.
M.B., Colorado

I found a Chick tract through one of the inmates here in prison. It's one of the best things (next to the Bible, of course) that I have ever read. I was saved here in prison the second day I was here. My cell mate was saved two weeks before I came in. Now I find there have been five people saved from this cell and on the top bunk that I'm in right now. In less than a month all had been saved reading this tract.
F.M., Delaware

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