Prison Ministry Letters: Jan-2002

I have been locked up in an institution for almost a year now. I am 16 years old. We have been having students come here teaching us about God. They helped me get saved and gave me this book called Next Step. This book has been helping me become a better Christian since I have been locked up.
J.L., Oklahoma

A few weeks ago, my friend and I were passing out Chick tracts while walking through a video arcade full of Satanic, murder-promoting games. All of a sudden, a young man (early 20's, I think) said, "Thanks for doing that (handing out the tracts), I got saved a year and a half ago by reading Happy Hour." Also, I mailed a tract (The Bull) to a Christian inmate in Arizona State Prison, who gave the tract to another inmate who read it and got saved. Glory to God in the highest.

We were painting faces of children, sharing the gospel and passing out Chick tracts. While painting the face of one young boy, we gave a Chick tract to his grandmother to read while she waited. The grandmother commented that her husband had been transferred to a prison where Chick tract had been distributed. He read one of the tracts and was saved. Praise the Lord!
G.R., North Carolina

During a trial, I gave a copy of King of Kings to my client who was standing trial for bankrobbery. After his trial, he took the book back to the jail where it came into the hands of one who is on trial at this time for conspiracy to commit murder. We understand that he has ordered a large quantity of Chick Publications books and booklets, and, as a consequence, the County Jail is flooded with these booklets - Praise The Lord! This is another part of the revival which is already going on at the institution. Hundreds have been saved within the last year. I wanted to write to you in order to encourage you and to let you know how one copy of King of Kings has added to a revival which was already on the verge of rampant.
J.B., Pennsylvania

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