Prison Ministry Letters Jan-2000

Inmates avidly read them...
Again, we have almost run out of our supply of Chick tracts and this is one item I do not want to see exhausted as the inmates avidly read them. The volunteer who distributes them says he has seen at least one inmate (male) cry when reading one of the tracts. They do touch the men.
C.T., Pelzer, SC

Your tracts develop a curiosity...
With the growing prison population I have found a growing thirst to learn about God in the inmates and I use your tracts to promote an interest in God. Your tracts develop a curiosity that brings them to me to ask more questions about the Word of God. God bless you for your ministry.
T.R., Warren, RI

Chick tracts change guard's life...
A couple of weeks ago one of the young guards said, "Your coming to detention has changed my life." I asked him how and he pulled a Chick tract The Word Became Flesh out of his pocket and said, "I have changed since I started to read these little booklets." I asked him where he was getting the tracts and he said, "From the inmates, they were sharing them. They have a whole bunch of them."

Tracts seem to catch their eyes...
I came to the Lord by reading a Chick tract and I've been with Him ever since. I've brought a lot of people here to Christ using your tracts. It's like they don't like to read other books but your tracts seem to catch their eyes.
C.F., Camden, N.J.

Crusader Comics change lives...
I am a state prisoner who has decided to change my life after reading Primal Man and Scarface of your Crusader Series. I was blown away by the information contained in them.
P.H., Amarillo, TX

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